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ADT Fire Alarm Monitoring In Fort Wayne

ADT Has You Covered With Fort Wayne Fire Alarm Monitoring

Every second counts during a fire, flood, or CO leak. When your Fort Wayne fire alarms or other sensors sense an emergency, they will instantaneously notify ADT. Without delay, a live ADT professional will reach out to you and emergency responders. Now you can focus on guiding your family to a safe place knowing that emergency responders are coming quickly.

Traditional fire alarms warn you of smoke by beeping. Unfortunately, beeps only do their job when you’re present. ADT fire alarm monitoring never turns off, and a live person is always on duty -- even when you're away. After all, emergencies do take place without regard to your schedule: electrical outlets can malfunction, heating units can leak gas, and windows can crack from severe weather.

Fort Wayne fire and smoke detector

How ADT Fire Monitoring In Fort Wayne Works

Your Fort Wayne fire detectors can detect both smoke and room temperature. When an immediate increase in heat or abundant smoke trips the alarm, it immediately alerts your ADT monitoring site. A live professional will quickly react and place your emergency procedure into action.

Once notified, the monitoring pro contacts you via your cell phone or ADT wall panel. They'll check in on your family and determine if you should receive any additional help. They will also get in touch with the fire department on your behalf so that assistance reaches you as soon as possible. ADT fire monitoring in Fort Wayne gives the gift of peace of mind when you’re sleeping -- and is truly essential when you're gone. You may have emergency specialists at your house even before you get home!

ADT Monitoring Gives You Much More Than Fire Protection

A monitored home smoke alarm in Fort Wayne notifies you to the first sign of fire, anywhere you are. But a fire detector isn’t the only device that works well with ADT monitoring. You can also harness the power of ADT monitoring when you install the following components:

  • Flood Detectors: Plant your Fort Wayne flood detector behind a toilet or near a sump pump. If its sensors detect flowing water, it will inform you and your monitoring professional. A monitored CO detector notifies you of danger immediately so you can get your family to safety.

  • Home Health Emergency Services: If you or a loved one undergoes a health emergency, like a cut or difficulty breathing, you may need immediate assistance. With a wearable 2-button medical alarm, you can call your ADT monitoring station for swift assistance. They’ll call local paramedics and family members per your specific security plan. They’ll also stay on the line until help arrives.

  • Home Alarms and Glass Break Sensors: When a motion sensor or glass break sensor trips, an ADT security technician quickly contacts you to make certain you're unharmed. Then they notify the designated emergency professionals based on your tailored security plan.

  • ADT Control and ADT Command: Your ADT station is always within reach with your ADT Control wall panel and the ADT Command mobile app. A single push of a button lets them know you and your loved ones are out of harm’s way. Or see alerts about triggered alarms via the mobile app even if you are miles away and won’t be able to make it home.

ADT Fire Monitoring Works Even When The Power Doesn’t Work

ADT smoke detectors and other safety alarms are paired with a battery backup that lasts up to a full day. So, even if a storm knock out your power lines, you’ll be fully protected with ADT monitoring. Even if your ADT monitoring station loses power from an unexpected event, your monitoring switches to another ADT monitoring location.

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