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Window inside home with a view to yard
June 24, 2024

How To Burglar-Proof Windows In Fort Wayne

It’s a circumstance no homeowner wants to face - a burglar climbing through a window and into your interior. You return home to find belongings missing and your property in shambles. Fortunately, there are several worthwhile options for securing your most targeted access points. Find out how to burglar-proof windows in Fort Wayne and discover the benefits of a comprehensive security system.

Trigger Your Alarm With Window Sensors

If a trespasser attempts to open a window, your alarm should go off, and you should be notified right away, even when you’re not at home. You can get this functionality when installing the latest window and door sensors in Fort Wayne. Choose from these different kinds:

  • Contact sensors: Effective and uncomplicated, contact sensors create a magnetic field through the use of a two-piece system. When the window goes up, the field is disrupted, prompting your alarm to sound. You can install contact sensors on doors, windows, and other spots like outdoor pool entrances.
  • Glass break sensors: Less patient criminals might simply try to shatter a window in lieu of opening it. Be ready with glass break sensors. You will discover acoustic sensors that distinguish sound, other kinds that notice vibration from glass breaking, and some that perceive both.

Regardless of your selection, the sensors will signal your alarm and even update you via your cell phone’s security app.

Spot Movement With Motion Detection Devices In Fort Wayne

If a trespasser advances toward your home and is abruptly blasted with light, he will probably take off the other way. Motion-activated lighting are quite effective in keeping intruders away from your windows. Place them in strategic areas within close distance of your windows. Inside, you can use standalone motion sensors as another level of security. You'll find out if an individual enters a space they’re not welcome in.

Dissuade Prowlers With Video Cameras And Yard Signs

If a bright light is unable to keep prowlers away from your house, video surveillance may take care of it. The mere existence of cameras is often all you need to scare off trespassers. Modern options may even connect to your other components. Prompt lights to turn on and get automatic alerts dispatched to your mobile device and monitoring specialists. Home security decals and signs provide an extra indicator that your residence is not an ideal target.

Extra Ways To Burglar-Proof Windows In Fort Wayne

Your home security system and its connected equipment will burglar-proof windows in Fort Wayne, but they aren’t your only choice. Check out these extra burglar-proofing ideas:

  • Attach window bars. This security measure can be utilized inside or out. You’ll find basic and more stylish bars, in addition to various modes of attachment. Pick from removable, fixed, or swing-away.
  • Update your current window latches and hardware. Find more reliable, heavier-duty locks, and opt for tamper-resistant screws that are challenging to remove.
  • Add window security screens. Powerful, stainless-steel mesh screens are not easy to circumvent.
  • Place window security film.Easy-to-use security film can be cut to your window’s specific dimensions. It functions in a similar fashion to windshield glass and keeps the window from crashing into your home.
  • Inquire about shatter-resistant glass. This specialized glass is quite durable and holds up well against intrusions. It cracks into a spiderweb while maintaining its shape. It can also protect against storm damage.

Safeguard Your Windows And Your Whole Home With Secure24 Alarm Systems

Discover the latest devices to burglar-proof your windows and all of your Fort Wayne home by consulting with Secure24 Alarm Systems. We supply the latest surveillance cameras, motion detection implements, and window sensors to keep you totally secure. Dial (260) 203-1992 today to design your home security package.